Watching owls

And also this year the couple of owls have grown their chicks, and I've been very happy watching them and their wildlife. I'm very happy to can see these amazing moment of Nature life, because I live in a small country of Italy, the Sardinia, where the man hasn't destroy everything, although he's trying to do that. But it isn't the topic of this short notes, and I prefer to talk about this fantastic birds. As others years, the couple, have had two young owls that now are big, despite they live near a farm with many animals like sheeps, cows and dogs. This time I've noticed that one of the adult had two ticks under a eye, as you can see from the picture below, and only a few plumages:


I didn't think was possible, because generally they clean each other, but perhaps in this case they couldn't. Anyway I've taken some new pictures about the two youngs owls and I hope you likes them.

owl owl owl

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