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Fringilla montifringilla
A male adult of Brambling
Ulassai's waterfall
One of the most beautiful waterfall in Sardinia. Sardiania, January 2020
Cala romatic's arc
A small, but really nice, rock arc in front of the sea, in Port Cervo Sardiania, January 2020
Orion nebulae
My first nebulae with the new setup. December 2019
European robin
A small robin on the perch. Sardinia December 2019
Rio Salonis Waterfall
A magic place where you can find this wonderful stream that ends in a stunning waterfall. Sardinia December 2019
Phoenicurus ochruros
The Black Redstart is a really nice small bird becoming of the Passeriformes order. It's quite easy to find it in Sardinia, where it lives in the countryside. Sardinia November 2019
Massabari waterfall
A really nice waterfall in the centre of Sardinia. The place where is the waterfall is remarkable and easy to reach. Surely a good view. Sardinia November 2019
Pandion haliaetus
Taking off from its perch. Sardinia October 2019
Acrocephalus scirpaceus
Eurasian Reed-Warbler Sardinia, 2019
Sos Molinos
Landscapes, Sardinia, Sony
Sos Molinos
Small but nice waterfall near a small village Sardinia 2020
Falco peregrinus
Falco peregrinus
Falco peregrinus
Finally it's arrived on the rock. An adult of falcon peregrinus.
Buteo buteo
nature, animals,birds
Buteo buteo
Buteo buteo
Palmas port
Palmas port
Palmas port, a beautiful place near Argentiera, a small village of Sardinia. Nord Sardinia (Italy) August 2019
Balai's arc
Landscapes, Sardinia
Balai's arc
A small arc of rock at Balai, near Porto Torres (Sardinia)
Badde Salighes
nature, landscapes, mist
Badde Salighes
Badde Salighes Sardegna 2019
Moher Cliff
Moher Cliff
Famous cliff of Ireland
Buteo buteo
Common buzzard
Buteo buteo
A young common buzzard. Sardinia (Italy) September 2019
Porto Ferro
Porto Ferro
Porto Ferro bay Sardinia (Italy) September 2019
From National Geohraphic Italia
So the increasingly warm oceans overload hurricanes
This is the Italy
Another wolf killed in Italy...
IOC World Bird List
The IOC World Bird List is an open access resource of the international community of ornithologists.
Giuseppe Gessa photography courses
A new session is starting in October but with some interesting news
Sony A9II leaked image
This is the first leaked image of the new Sony A9II !!! The camera will be announced in October.
A new species in the gallery
Fringilla montifringilla
I've added this new one species in my birds gallery.
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In nature
Diary of a nature photographer
A new short episode.
I've started the new year with a new episode. I hope you enjoy reading it.
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In nature
ZWO and iOptron
How to connect them
A short tutorial how to connect the ASI Air to the GEM45 mount.
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ASI Air vs GEM45
A new diary
A new section of the site about the Astronomy and, mostly, astrophotography
I've made a new section of astronomy photo, tutorial, review and so on. Enjoy!!
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My astronomy world
My fault #14/12/2019
When a camera falls into the water
While I was taking a picture of a waterfall my camera slipped from the ball-head of the tripod, falling into the water. Now, after having dried the camera and the lens I can still see some humid inside and some water drops from the lens and from the eyefinder. I think I'd have to through out the camera, but I hope to fix the lens, even though I'm not so sure. Fortunately I've got the pictures from the sd card, so at least you can see them. Now I have to use the Sony A9 for everything, wildlife and landscape, but when I could I'd buy a new one camera only for landscape.
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Camera falling into the water
Gallery update #13/12/2019
Parus major's gallery
I've just updated the birds gallery with the Eurasian Great Tit species.
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Parus major
2019/2020 Buzzard's workshop
Giuseppe Gessa buzzard's workshop
This year starts the buzzard's workshop. Using two of my photographic blinds, you'll be able to take really close pictures of this wonderful raptor. I'm in the north of Sardinia (Italy) and if you're interested write to me at, or visit my FB page ( to leaves me a private message. I wait for you.
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Wildlife workshop
Gallery update 06/10/2019
Phoenicopterus roseus gallery
I've just finished to update the gallery fo the Greater Flamingo. For the moment they are in a great category, the Water birds, but the deserve a proper own category, so when I'll have more time, I'll create it, for now enjoy with this one.
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Phoenicopterus roseus
Gallery update
Little Bittern
For the first time I've seen this strange bird, the little Bittern. The light wasn't really good, but I'm still happy
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Ixobrychus minutus
Gallery update #08/08/2019
I've added the insect's gallery. It isn't properly my photography kind, but sometimes I like to take some pictures of them.
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New gallery
  • A new species in the gallery In nature
  • Diary of a nature photographer In nature
  • ZWO and iOptron ASI Air vs GEM45
  • A new diary My astronomy world
  • My fault #14/12/2019 Camera falling into the water
  • Gallery update #13/12/2019 Parus major
  • 2019/2020 Buzzard's workshop Wildlife workshop
  • Gallery update 06/10/2019 Phoenicopterus roseus
  • Gallery update Ixobrychus minutus
  • Gallery update #08/08/2019 New gallery
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