Hen harrier sighting

This is the first time that I see a hen harrier here in Sardinia. I was taking some photos during a chilly morning, where the grass was frozen when I saw a bird of prey on a group of stones. I soon realized that it wasn't a buzzard, because I've never seen a raptor like that. So I tried to take some pictures, using the Sony 100-400GM and the 1,4x teleconverter because it was pretty far. The picture is only for documentation.

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Finally Sony has revealed its new camera, and never will be the same story. With this new monster Sony has created a new generation of Alpha camera, doing a step further in the mirrorless camera. As a wildlife photographer having a complete silent shutter capable of shooting 30fps is very fantastic and woould give me the opportunity to capture every single moment of an action, like a bird taking off or a landing on a perch. But you need to be careful, because its price it's very "professional", and it won't be for everybody, not me at least and not for now, unfortunately.
For more info check the Sony website.