Since I've started with my website, I've made a lot of changes. This time I'm updating the graphic's theme in order to have it more modern. But it isn't the only thing. Recently I've update my Youtube channel, putting on some new videos about my photography adventures, and I'd like to get some comments from you, so, please, write me what think about it, and don't be afraid to tell me If it doesn't like you, I'll try to change it where I can.

Making videos is very challenging, and I'm making a lot of effort in order to update the channel more frequently, but making video is a slow process and it takes me a lot of work and time, but I'll do everything for being more present in the channel.

As always leave me a comment if you want, and bye for now.


It's a long process, but I'm updating my landscapes gallery. I've just added some old photo, so you can see them. As always I wait from you some comment or write me if you want to ask something about the places that I've photographed.

This year, with some friends of mine, I'll be a teacher about photography for the Natural Science University of Sassari.

I'll give you more details in the next days.

Keep in touch. 

I've just updated my birds gallery inserting a new species, the African stonechat.

This little bird, belonging to the Passeriformes order, is really present in Sardinia and it can be found everywhere, but mostly in the countryside. Their preferred places are bushes, where they often made their nest. The female is a bit different from the male, how you can see from my gallery.