Sas lapias is a really particular and unique Sardinian waterfall. The most interesting aspect of this waterfall is that it's triple. Despite there is only one stream, before the jump it splits in three part making three distinct waterfalls. At the bottom there is a small lake, but it is quite uncomfortable staying there because there isn't enough space for taking pictures safely, so be careful.

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Reaching the place is pretty easy and there is parking for the car. Going to the waterfall is simple and following the path marked in red on the map would allow to arrive to the waterfall without big issues. As always if you need more information or need a guide don't hesitate to contact me.


Rio Salonis waterfall is a stunning waterfall immersed in wonderful wood. It is not so big, but its stream is very varied and rich with a lot of small pools. The waterfall itself is pointed by the red placemark in Google Maps, but in the place marked with the number 1, there is a really nice stream, that goes until the waterfall, where you can take a lot of pictures very interesting. Also, the wood is very nice, rich with beautiful trees and rocks. Rio Salonis waterfall is near the village of Morgongiori, a small town in the Sardinian hinterland. 

This area, called "capo pecora" in italian, is a stunning place for a landscape photographer. It'll offers you a lot of possibilities for taking wonderful pictures, mostly long exposure due to the particular beach made from stones. And when the sea is really rough, you'll be able to admire beautiful sceneries. The whole area is very rich of "nature" and also attractive for hikers who love breathtaking views.

Located in the south part of Sardinia, this area is easy to reach and rich in nature, where you'll be able to admire great sceneries, mostly the Cagliari's gulf.  
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It isn't very simple arriving there, so I advise you to use a satnav or Google maps on your phone, using the maps coordinates. Once turned up on the location, go down in the evident path near the road (there's a place where to leave the car), until you reach the waterfall. Be careful in wet days because it might be slippery, and it should be better using a couple of wellingtons to cross the stream somewhere. 

This beach, known as the beach of stones, is a nice place where have a rest surrounded by nature, and, why not, have a swim. Being aware, because there isn't sand, so it needs using rubber sandals, in order to get into the water. But this place is interesting for landscape photography as well. It will offer many spots where take some special picture, often long expositions if there's the right sea and wind that makes waves. It is also suitable for dreamy sunset. 

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