The west coast of the island is really rich of beautiful bays, like this one, Porticciolo. And like many others bays, there is an ancient Spanish tower. But the most important thing is the environment, that is really adapt for a landscape photographer. Being in the west coast, Porticciolo will give you wonderful sunset, mostly during the spring or in autumn/winter, when the sky will be richer in clouds. 

 Access rating

The path doesn't present many problems, and walking for a while you will go around the others near beaches or cliffs. Just in winter the path could be a bit slippery due to the mud. As always, if you need more information or need a guide don't hesitate to contact me.

 How to get there

You can arrive from Sassari or from Alghero, using the SP55bis road. In the place there is a big car park, so you shouldn't have any issue for the car. In the map I marked in red some nice spot for taking the best picture.

 What to shoot

The bay, the beach, many cliffs and the Spanish tower.

 Other times of years

All over the year.

 Nearby locations

In the area near the bay there is the regional park of Porto Conte, where many wild animal, like the griffon, as well as others bays, or Alghero village, a really nice small town.

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