Mistras pond, for wildlife photography,is the perfect spot where to go. Really close to Cabras village, for eating or having a rest, the pond of Mistras is interesting for its birds. There are different species in the pond that live throwout the year, like cormorants, ducks, flamingos, hakws, sand pipers and many others, even though the most interesting specie is the osprey, the star of the pond. For photographing the osprey come people from all region of Italy, due to the semplicity. Infact you can take pictures directly from the car, without get the birds in trouble, unless you get off the car (and it should be better to not get off, just to not scared the animals). Then you need to be carefull because the area is a private property used by fishermans, even though you don't need to ask for a permission.

 Access rating

There isn't any problem due to the car. As always if you need more information or need a guide don't hesitate to contact me.

 How to get there

You can arrive from Cabras village, using the SP6 road, until you'll reach a crossroad as showed in the map below. or from the main road 'll arrive from Santa Maria Coghinas village and it whould be better using a satnav (check the map below) until the car park. 

 What to shoot

The osprey and other birds

 Other times of years

Ospreys only in winter and spring until May, the other species all over the year.

 Nearby locations

In the area near the pond there is Cabras, a really nice village where to eat something, or to stay for a short holiday and, mostly, for the giants of Mount Prana museum. About the museum check before the website in order to know the opening days.


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