Proud as a buzzard  - part 2

This morning at 7.00 I started the observation with the binocular, but I didn’t see any of interesting. In the nest I didn’t see any movement and I didn’t feel the young call (Who knows if it is ready for the first fly ?? Maybe he did it already…), so I looked around looking for something interesting, but a red woodpecker apart there wasn’t anything.

Time passed and there wasn’t trace of the buzzards, but around at 7.22 I saw one: he was on a rock at the right of a habitual roost. I observed him for 10 minutes then I saw that he fly on the roost. I followed his movements for about 20 minutes then I had to go away… The job waited me!!
The observation session was short but interesting. In addition to seeing one of the two adults I also heard a verse that was probably the other adult, but too far to be sure ... Maybe it could be the young, but who knows.

For the next observation.

European bee-eaters

These small and colourful birds live in Africa, but for their breeding season they migrate in Europe. In Italy we have some places where they nest. In particular, in Sardinia, there're many small colonies in the whole region, often near sea's places, or where there are sandy grounds, in wich they make the nest: a long tunnel (even more 2 meters) where, at the end, they put the eggs.

Waiting for the hares

Some days ago, during a perlustration of the countryside of my city, I've seen something strange in a little owl nest. There were some little hares walking on the stone of the nest. At the beginning, I thought it was only a coincidence, so after some moment, I've gone away. Some days after, I've come back to the same place, and there were still the hares!!! It was really strange because I have never thought about a similar situation, where two different species could live really near to each other. So I've decided to try some photo and I've gone when it was still night to prepare my photographic blind and all the gear. But the fortune wasn't with me. In fact the hares have been hidden almost every time, only sometimes someone of them come out from the stone, but only for one or two seconds, so I haven't taken any photo of them. But in return, the little owls have been always with me, and these are the photo of that morning in Nature.

When I've time, I like to travel a bit on my own. Short trip near I live, perhaps place not well known or where you don't often go, like a small waterfall inside a wood, or some little flowers over a beautiful cliff near the sea.

The trip starts with a raptor, the common buzzard:


The day doesn't start really well: the sky is dark and sometimes rains, but I'm lucky because I hear, in the distance, the voice of the horned owls, and I'm happy because I know that I'll be able to go a day to see them. After the voice of the peregrine falcon calms me, because I'm always worried about its life: this is the nesting season, a really particular moment of their life, where it's easy that something goes wrong.  

The buzzards are ready...

Today has been a great day!! But let's start from the beginning. Today I wanted to take some pictures of the buzzard in the new perch, a group of stones in the ground, near the blind. The previous attempts haven't been so good, but this time I've been luckier: 


BlackHead Lighthouse


Putzu idu