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It's been a long time since my last diary episode. How you have seen, I've started a new section of astrophotography, so I have to follow different things, including reviews that I hope to write more frequently, both as nature photography and as astronomical photography. 

In this episode I went in my usual photographic blind, or, how I like to say, the buzzard's blind :) As always there's something to learn about the buzzards. One of them is always more confident, this time as well, even though for their nature, in general they stay always very careful, looking in every direction in order to check that anybody isn't coming. In the area where they live, there aren't many competitors for the food, so they're quite free to choose their prey without worrying about the other bird of prey, like the common kestrel or the marsh-harrier. The grey crows, that sometimes annoyed the buzzard at the beginning, now stay really quiet, sign that they have accepted the dominance of the buzzards in the territory.

In this picture, there's one of them walking near at their perch:

Another feathered friend is the jay, always very noisy. This time I've been really lucky because a jay has arrived really near to me that I can take a portrait picture of it:

It was so close to me, that it was visible the reflection of the tree in its eye. It stayed in the perch for a while, then it's flown away.

In the same area of the buzzards there's another raptor, the Peregrin falcon. But every year they go away, sometimes really soon. Last year I think that they didn't make the nest, because I didn't see any young falcon. So I thought that they haven't made the nest this year as well. But I was wrong, in fact looking on the rock with the binoculars, I've seen one of them, and it's been really exciting. I was really happy to see it again, and I'm looking forward to seeing the next time.

So, stay tuned. See you.


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