Proud as a buzzard

I'm following this couple of buzzards (Buteo buteo) for about 1 year and today, after looking long with the binoculars, I found the nest. It was not easy, because they're a Wildlife animals, but by checking the regular shelters I saw that at one point one of the two adults walked into the woods.

Meanwhile, however, I felt a third towards, beyond that of the adults, giving me a certain indication of where the young might be, after about 1 hour of observation I saw among the branches leafy a dark mass and when the Sun peeked between the clouds saw the movement (I think the head of the young). It was just the nest, very large and tall, how great was the excitement of the discovery. In order not to lose even a moment, between the voice of adults and the recall of the young, I did not detach the binoculars from my eyes for at least an hour, and my shoulders and my arms were numb. But it was worth it.
Afterwards I was explored, always with the binoculars, and in a nearby little crag I found another nest, but this was an imperial raven. Great discovery for this and for the little I've seen it still seems to be the young in the nest, as one of the adults was right inside, then flew away. Unfortunately, this nest is virtually inaccessible if it does not fall with ropes, but that is not the case, so I'll just look at it with the binoculars, then next year I will try to study the situation better.

What a day!!!

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