During one of my usual short trip, I saw a place that I knew before. Always the sensation has been of bewilderment and desolation, but later with anger. A fire has destroyed a large part of countryside near my city, a place where I spent my time looking for some raptors or taking some nice pictures during the sunset, but mostly to stay in nature.

Seeing all that devastation was terrible. Knowing that many animals are dead by hand's man is discouraging. Nothing change, never. Year after year, here in Sardinia every summer is dead somewhere due to some fire. And anyone can do anything because it's difficult to find the responsible for that destroy, and the worst thing is that they're arson!! Natural fires are quite rare, despite the hot wheater of this period.

Our Government isn't doing anything. They know the causes but they prefer to ignore the truth because it would be quite impossible to arrest those people. Basically, often, are the same forest rangers starting fires in order to guarantee to themselves the job for the next year. 

And now some pictures of the result... 

Looking at these photos I can't imagine how many animals have died. Those who couldn't escape were burned to death, like those small snails and the trees as well.

Yes, I know, nature will reborn again, but it will need several years during the while, maybe, another crazy man will set a fire..


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