When a buzzard flies


Seeing a bird flying is simply amazing. This is one thing that man can't do it, without a plane.

Seeing a bird of prey flying hasn't price. It's so elegant, powerful and majestic that I could stay many hours admiring them. Italy is a good place for raptors, because there are many different habitats where to live and grow their chicks, or simply for living, although we have many hunters that kill them, only for fun. Every time they say "it's a sport". And every time I ask myself if I can start a new sport: the manhunting!!

Anyway, it's better watching some photo of one of my favourite bird of prey: the common buzzard.

Pictures have taken in the same place where this couple live and breed their chicks, year by year.

During the waiting, I was following its movement when it started to fly in my direction. Fortunately, it came quite slow and low so I could take every single moment, but I put only the last part of the sequence.





The Sun had risen, in fact the field in the distance was illuminated, but not the perch where the buzzard was arriving, so in the whole image sequence, it was in the shadow.

Instead in the last image the Sun was coming, so illuminating its head.

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