One-to-One Online Sessions


I'm glad to announce that I'm going to begin one-to-one online sessions about wildlife and landscape photography lessons, and post-productions processes as well. The online lesson will be in English, or in Italian for my Italians friends, using Skype, so you'd have to have a Skype account. Lessons will fit your needs, and basically are for beginners because I know that at beginning there are many doubts, mostly on how to use the camera in the right way, or to understand some basic concepts as, for example, the exposition or the shutter speed.

Regarding the post-production I'm using Adobe products: Lightroom and Photoshop, so I can only discuss of those software.

So if you are interested to have personal lessons, sitting confortably at your home, choose one of the following opportunities and send me an email writing in the object:

One-to-One Online lesson

and in the body of the email you need to write which option you've choosen,your Skype account and your preferred timetable. I'll reply you as soon as possible telling you how to pay (Paypal) and for arranging a meeting according to your personal preferences.


60 Minutes online lesson: 80 euros


120 Minutes online lesson: 140 euros


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