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M13 Messier 13 - Globural cluster in Ercules
TSOAPO80Q (80mm, 544mm) + Optolong L-Pro filter + ASI Air + ASI 294MC (main camera) + ASI 290MC (guide camera)
20 light, 15 dark, 30 flat frames
IC434 Horse nebulae in Orion. Meade SN 8", iOptron GEM45, ASI294MC main camera, ASI290MC guide camera, ASI Air. 49 light frames, 10 bias frames and 9 dark frames. nebulae
M42 Meade SN 8" ZWO ASI294MC main camera ZWO ASI290MC guide camera ZWO ASI Air iOptron GEM45 mount 45 light frames 10 dark frames 10 bias frames

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