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Sardinia locations guide. The best places for landscape and wildlife photography

This area, called "capo pecora" in italian, is a stunning place for a landscape photographer. It'll offers you a lot of possibilities for taking wonderful pictures, mostly long exposure due to the particular beach made from stones. And when the sea is really rough, you'll be able to admire beautiful sceneries. The whole area is very rich of "nature" and also attractive for hikers who love breathtaking views.

You can go there using coastal roads, but it'll take long time, even though the sight it will be superb. The better solution is arriving from Guspini and Arbus villages, taking the statal road number 126. Then you have to follow the signals for "Capo pecora" using the road number 83.


The beach with its stones, water rocks, small and big bays.


All over the year. 

Close to the area there's Buggerru village, a minerian village quite nice, but with many interesting place to visit and photograph, like caves, nuraghe, cliffs and so on.

This beach, known as the beach of stones, is a nice place where have a rest surrounded by nature, and, why not, have a swim. Being aware, because there isn't sand, so it needs using rubber sandals, in order to get into the water. But this place is interesting for landscape photography as well. It will offer many spots where take some special picture, often long expositions if there's the right sea and wind that makes waves. It is also suitable for dreamy sunset. 

Arriving there is really easy and wherever you are you have to get to Red island until you reach Boschetto street ("via del boschetto"), where you can park your car. For the beach follow the red trail draw in the map. 


It's nearly impossible to get lost, anyway these are the coordinates of the place: 41.004081, 8.877351 .


The beach with its stones, water rocks, small bays, birds as well if you are lucky. In fact, sometimes there are kingfishers, cormorants and seagulls.


All over the year. 

Close to the beach there's of course the village, Red island, but there are several fantastic beaches further north reachable by car. 


Le Quarci waterfall is a big waterfall near the village of Ulassai. This waterfall is really hight, at least 70 meters from the top and it arrives until the car road, so often it's quite dangerous going there. But if you are lucky you'll see one of the most impressive waterfalls of the island. 

Arriving there is not so easy and you need a couple of high wellingtons because you have to pass across the river that makes the waterfall. quite simple. Unfortunately, there aren't many other ways to get there, so being prepared, even though it should be better to call a guide. As always if you need more information or need a guide don't hesitate to contact me.


The best way, in my opinion, is to get to the following coordinates 39.814531, 9.488178 and to continue following the off-road path by car from the mark on the map until the parking space; you can follow two path, the 1st one is for every cars, the 2nd one for off-road cars. The spot is quite near the parking space:

Of course the waterfall and the scenery around it as well.


This waterfall is active only in winter, during the rainy season, and it isn't easy in Sardinia to understand when, due to lack of rain in many months of the year. 

Near the waterfall, there's a beautiful cave, Su Murutti cave, and two nuraghi, Sanu and Orruttu. Then the environment around the village is really nice and interesting, so don't forget to take a look to it.

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