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The hunt of a bee-eater #03/06/2017

Today I did not have luck with the kestrels. I don't know what is happened, but the adult didn't go in the nest while I was present. In the next days I'll check with the binoculars the situation.
After I went to see a Merops apiaster colony near Alghero. This little bird, very colorful, come to Italy to nest every year from Africa giving us the opportunity to admire this splendor of nature. This year I'm delay to observe the bee eaters because I was engaged for the kestrels, so I'll try next year. Today I can only taken a photo-sequence while a bee eater was playing with some food, a butterfly...

And I hope to take some new photo next time.

The night of the Milky Way #24/06/2017


As a good astrophilist, the Milky Way has always exerted a huge fascination, for that milky streak that makes you understand that you are part of something big, whether for the huge number of stars that makes it, stars visible above all in dark skies like here To Limbara, the highest point of northern Sardinia and from which you can enjoy a beautiful landscape.

Since the moon is not present, with our friend Fabrizio we decide to stay away from the wildlife, at least for today, and devote ourselves to the night landscape, so after several discussions we decide for Limbara, about 1300 meters high and about 1 from Sassari Hour of car. We arrive about 2 hours before sunset, so explore the area and decide where to take the shots. We have several paths available, but the rocks guide us and we come to a point where there are beautiful calcareous formations that we notice. Then we search some beautiful trees in the woods, maybe lonely, but we find nothing that satisfies us until we find a small clearing with rocks in the center and trees in the background.

A morning in the Nature #22/06/2017

A morning in the Nature is what I do almost every day. With these short stakeout from the car that I often find them useful, especially if you go to areas that are not very popular, like when I was able to photograph the weasel, a truly exceptional event given the conditions, and above all give me the opportunity to observe the behavior and the shift Birds of prey, birds I've always admired since childhood. Even today, for example, I saw in the distance a buzzard that was hunting in an area I know and I'm sure it nested not too far away, so it would be worth studying the shifts it does more often.

Passer hispaniolensis


Kestrel, a small hawk - part 3

After days of remote observation and seeing that adults often were not present, I still decide for a support. Waking up in the morning is always heavy (today I woke up at 3.30), but the initial stunning lasts little and I immediately prepare myself. I arrive in the cliff 30 minutes before the runset, so I can prepare the hanging with the camouflage nets, then I sit and wait.

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Haliaeetus albicilla

Haliaeetus albicilla
Haliaeetus albicilla
A couple of white-tailed sea eagles. Lofoten, Norway. July 2018