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The buzzards are ready...

Today has been a great day!! But let's start from the beginning. Today I wanted to take some pictures of the buzzard in the new perch, a group of stones in the ground, near the blind. The previous attempts haven't been so good, but this time I've been luckier: 


Indeed, as you can see, the buzzard has gone on the perch, walking from the previous wood-perch some meters far from this one. The situation was really interesting because the buzzard's couple was near perches, but it comes only one at the time, never together. The other subject was very diffident, indeed when I moved slightly the lens for following the buzzard, the other escaped away. But not a noisy Eurasian jay, really brave, that came sometimes, as in this photo:

But the most important event has been the coupling of the buzzards! This the third time that I've seen the coupling of buzzards. The first one was in the countryside near my town, during a short trip looking for some birds. This time, with "my buzzards", was a strange situation, they were waiting on some rocks under the Sun when, suddenly, the male flies over the female to mate with her. In the beginning, I didn't understand, because they stayed stop on those rocks, and sometimes one of them emitted a verse until they've been coupled. Now I have to check if they decide to use their old nest or to build a new one, even if I don't think. This year, if I can, I'd like to follow the whole breeding season in order to take some pictures of the young buzzard during its first flight, so I'll have much work to do.

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