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Simply owls - part 4


And this year a new season begins to observe and photograph owls, and I can't wait!! 

How always I weak up very early to be in the place when is already night. I put everything: tripod, camera, light and finally I can seat and wait the owls arrive. In the distance I ear some noise and the sing of some stone curlew, someone very near of me, but in the dark it's impossible to see them. I'd like to see them and take some photos, but I thinks that I'll work a lot for succed, even because I don't know where they are exactly. Maybe using a hunt camera... 

The weather is bad: rain, wind and low temperatures, but there isn't problem, also when start to rain... and what a rain!!! Then it stops raining and the owls arrive. They are two, the couple that I follow for sometimes, I think about two years, and also this year they're ready for nesting, infact it seems that they're going to use the same group of stone as a nest.

This time I want to try a different method to photograph them, using a led light when the Sun hasn't yet risen . Aftern some attempt I found the right amount of illumination and I can take this photo with a lot of luck:

Infact the shoot time was 1.6 seconds and the owls was firm enoght to take the photo.
Subsequently start to rain again and the Owl lock for a place sheltered from the rain, but without luck, it moves over some stone and wait, wait under the rain and the wind:

Until when arrive a crow that scared the Owl that escape. 

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