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Simply owls - part 2

Today I came back to observe and photograph the owls and I think something has happened from the last observations: in practice, the three little ones we only saw two (I was with my friend Fabrizio). I honestly do not know the reason but could have been prey by other birds of prey. I am writing this because today adults have been alarmed when they see the buzz over their area, so that once they have just run away, while the other times only adults are left. If it really happened this unfortunately nothing can be done, it is the law of nature that serves to keep the entire ecosystem in balance.

Anyway, even today, you will arrive soon on the spot (about 4.30 o'clock) and after preparing the cameras and the cabins you start to wait for it to light up. This time I wanted to do an experiment (nothing scientific ehhh) using a wide-angle camera (25mm with manual AF) and connected to the smarthphone via WIFI. The result is not bad, I certainly should have approached the camera + tripod to the stones (the photo is a crop), but I was afraid to scare the owls too much, which did not happen. The software used is unfortunately not much (Sony's PlayMemories) and it only allows you to take the picture, all settings being made on the camera beforehand, so if you're mistaken you're frigate (Sony but it costs you to make a decent Android app ??? ?).

Instead, with the telephoto lens I tried to leave the skewer (the one above visible), but in the only two occasions when I did it I was distracted .... Patience hope next time. In any case, it was great to see how young owl are beautiful active (one of them has also learned to fly while the other still snoops only) and they also offer portraits a few feet away from us, while adults They care about bringing food so that the little ones can grow faster. While we were present one of the adults brought a newly caught mice and gave it to one of the little ones who liked it:

While after it "arrived" an insect:

Then when the Sun finally came out from behind the hills, young teens and adults started to sleep dumbfounded in the heat (for us in the chapels the heat was not so enjoyable !!!!)
Here one of the young men offered for a portrait:


While here one of the adults makes a good show of it with a bit of healthy stretching:

Finally after the heat has become unbearable also for the owls that have hidden in the shadows we are finally gone.
See you soon,


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