This beach, known as the beach of stones, is a nice place where have a rest surrounded by nature, and, why not, have a swim. Being aware, because there isn't sand, so it needs using rubber sandals, in order to get into the water. But this place is interesting for landscape photography as well. It will offer many spots where take some special picture, often long expositions if there's the right sea and wind that makes waves. It is also suitable for dreamy sunset. 

 Access rating

Arriving there is really easy and wherever you are you have to get to Red island until you reach Boschetto street ("via del boschetto"), where you can park your car. For the beach follow the red trail draw in the map. 


It's nearly impossible to get lost, anyway these are the coordinates of the place: 41.004081, 8.877351 .


 What to shoot

The beach with its stones, water rocks, small bays, birds as well if you are lucky. In fact, sometimes there are kingfishers, cormorants and seagulls.

 Other times of years

All over the year. 

 Nearby locations

Close to the beach there's of course the village, Red island, but there are several fantastic beaches further north reachable by car. 


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