Buzzard's life (2)

The life of a buzzard is not easy, like most birds of prey, of course. As you know, they have to hunt every day to feed, but they are not always able to catch prey. Emblematic are the attempts of the osprey that is literally thrown into the water, an element certainly not akin to flying, to catch some fish until it succeeds, and then for the poor fish it is certainly not a beautiful situation, having devoured alive, but this is part of the game.

About the buzzards, until now I've never seen one of them hunt anything, also because remaining hidden in the photographic blind it's difficult to understand where they go hunting. Sometimes I try to follow them, perhaps remaining under some trees, but, as you can imagine, they always see me, immediately running away. The funny thing is that I know how it ends, but I always try. You know, hope is the last to die.

However, the hunting area of these birds of prey is quite large, because there are some hills where to hunt. From what I have seen, they do not move much from the nest area and tend to remain nearby, although the young is certainly autonomous. I noticed, however, that when they find something to eat, there are no big quarrels, especially if the young is the first to find the food, otherwise, if he is an adult to find it, I have seen that the young chases them complaining profusely. In general, there are mice, lizards and small snakes in summer, while in winter the choice is reduced to mice, worms and some large insects, even if sometimes they eat some dead animal, or parts of it, found somewhere. There are also rabbits, or at least there were until some time ago, but since this is also a hunting area it is easy to understand the reason for this lack. In addition, the hunting area of the buzzards is located near a small town and in a widely cultivated area, so there are always human activities that can create problems for the birds of prey, especially on the hunting days of ... humans.

Yes the hunt, a "sport" still present, despite the damage it causes every year. Every time I talk to a hunter they tell me that they respect nature, that they love animals, blah blah blah ... and that hunting is a passion for them, like photography for me !!! Yeah, too bad I don't kill any animals to take a picture.

Already life is hard for everyone, but the man certainly makes it more difficult for animals, and if we don't understand that killing animals, and destroying the environment in which we live as we are doing, we are doing ourselves harm, then we deserve to eat plastic. How can you not understand that when you throw something into the environment, sooner or later it comes back to you?

I stop here because the subject really annoys me, but it wouldn't be bad if we started to do something, even small, but something, like for example, to not throw cigarette butts around. But what does it take to put them out in a small container and then throw them home?

Oh well, I am attaching some recent photos of "my" buzzards. I hope you enjoy them.



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