Proud as a buzzard  - part 2

This morning at 7.00 I started the observation with the binocular, but I didn’t see any of interesting. In the nest I didn’t see any movement and I didn’t feel the young call (Who knows if it is ready for the first fly ?? Maybe he did it already…), so I looked around looking for something interesting, but a red woodpecker apart there wasn’t anything.

Time passed and there wasn’t trace of the buzzards, but around at 7.22 I saw one: he was on a rock at the right of a habitual roost. I observed him for 10 minutes then I saw that he fly on the roost. I followed his movements for about 20 minutes then I had to go away… The job waited me!!
The observation session was short but interesting. In addition to seeing one of the two adults I also heard a verse that was probably the other adult, but too far to be sure ... Maybe it could be the young, but who knows.

For the next observation.

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