In Sardinia the Montiferru area is quite rich in water, as well as being very beautiful in terms of nature and landscape view (please refer to the following link for more information), in fact from  the homonymous rio Bia Josso, whose origin should be source Elighes Uttiosos, you can see, and photograph, two very beautiful and interesting waterfalls for the context in which they are located, that is an ancient forest where the human hand isn't still so much present.

The two waterfalls, of which only one I photographed at the time, are easy to reach by car coming from Santu Lussurgiu (OR) taking out from the  country the Provincial Road 15 in the direction of Bonarcado. From the exit of the village of Santu Lussurgiu after 1.5 Km you will find on the right a Junction:

which will take you in the area Monte Ferru. The road to  follow is not very long, but it's a dirt road quite good to alternating routes of road not really good, but still passable with any car being careful. Once you arrive at the place you can leave your car in a comfortable open space so as not to obstruct the highway. Then follow the path indicated on the map:

that will lead you to the falls. In the map  the final trail is marked with dots because it penetrates into the wood, so it is not possible to give precise indications, but once you arrive you will see the river and one of two waterfalls on the right, so it is impossible make a mistake.

Waterfall coordinates 40.135377N 8.578598E (Google Maps)


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