A night with the scops-owl

It was a long time that I wanted to see and take some pictures about this fantastic bird, with their charactestic voice…  and now I succeeded! I was be able to pass a night with the scops-owl!!

The other night with a friend we went to looking for them in a place that I Know very well and where I thought there were, but we can't found them so we went in other place and we were lucky because we found many. On night it's necessary to use a flash system to light up the birds, but before it has to call them with their voice.... In fact my friend have used a voice registration of a scops-owl and with a speaker he called them. The scops-owl being territorial they came to check and we could check with a led light where they were on the trees. With this work I've taken these pictures:


Then I was very lucky because I was be able to see the coupling:

An event not easy to see normally.
For to be the first time I'm very happy but now I have to study their habits to better understand them.
See you soon, bye 


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