A bad day, a good day

As almost every Wednesday I go to check that "my boys" are fine, but this morning while I was driving the day it wasn't start well... On the road there were too much died animals... among those invested, among those electrocuted by power lines, among those who hit by windows car, it's a carnage, and every time it's a hard heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, I've seen a lot of died animals and I'll never get to used to see a poor fox, cat or dog near a road... it hurt too much, but I can't finda solution if not to close me at home, for not seeing nothing, like an ostrich that hides the head in the sand. 
Anyway at the end I arrive at destination and fortunately the Nature give me some relief. The first check is always for the buzzards. I start to check with the binoculars but I didn't see nothing. I open the Windows of the car for ear the sound of the birds and, mostly, the sound of the buzzards, but nothing. So I decide to go near the nest, but always at distance safe, and I saw it on a branch camouflaged in the vegetation. Not bad, I said me  So I go on to the peregrin falcon and when I arrive I start to check with the binoculars. Here the situation is different because I listen the female sound, I convinced she was in the nest, but I'm wrong. In fact after ten minutes arrive the male falcon that land on a rock, but seeing well the rock was the female falcon and they were trying to coupling!! Unfortunately for their the situazione on the rock it wasn't so good and the male is flown away on another rock. And this was a very interesting event 
I wait some times but it's late, I have to go to work, so I come back to go away and to check the owls and I see that it's all fine, so I can breath a sigh of relief because I alway fear to create some problem during a photographic session, like the last one.

But it does not end like that, because right when I'm about to take the main road I see some movement on a current pylon, and with the binoculars I see the coupling of two kestrels !!! Wow what a moment, the kestrel, like the pilgrim, I had never seen it during mating. Among other things they were on an old crow nest and nothing strange that they can use it to nest, as I had seen in the past, even if then the kestrel prefers rocky environments.

And with this in the morning, beautiful and ugly at the same time, starts and reminds me that life is a wheel intertwined with death ... as unfortunately happened a few days ago with Giacomo, a friend climber who failed. 
Hello Giacomo, see you soon.

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