Atlantic Puffin

The Atlantic puffins are birds extraordinarily beautiful as they were funny for their landing, but very fast and agile in the air so much that I could not shoot them in flight.

At last I managed to see them live in a breeding colony in Scotland, namely on the island Lunga which is an islet belonging to the Mull Island complex on the south of Skye. The colony is one of the largest in Scotland and it is possible to see hundreds of Puffins along the nesting areas that are under the ground: in practice the Puffins dig underground holes, or use holes dug out of hares, and deposit their eggs (One or two usually). Seeing and photographing the Puffin is extremely easy because they do not have a big fear of man, so you can approach even about 50/60 cm alone. It should be pointed out that those who run the tours to observe them warn that it is not necessary to touch them or go to the nests and I noticed that all the people present were very respectful of the animals that have lent themselves to so many photographs.

It is useless to say the great emotion to see them so close and to live a moment so close to Nature, but now here are the photos



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