Su Stampu Su Turrunu waterfall

In the heart of Sardinia there's a place where the Nature has expressed itself in a unique way. This place is the Su Stampu 'e Su Turrunu, where you can find a very beautifull waterfall coming from a hole in the rock. The waterfall fall in a little lake and then it creates a small river that flows downstream. The environment where the waterfall is located is a little gorge where the water flows creating some little crystal pools, inside rocks and trees like a magic place.
To arrive at the waterfall is quite simple, and if you have an off road car you could avoid the main and long path up to the parking, otherwise you have to leave tha car on the road, and then follow the signals walking into the Addolì wood. The distance it isn't big and you can arrive at destination in about 30/40 minutes on foot from the car, instead of 10 minutes if you have an off road car.

This is the map of the zone:

The Google coordinates of the road are: 39.863951, 9.265352.

In blu the directions from you can arrive (from Nord Sardinia or Sud Sardinia), while in red the park where you have to leave the car if you don't have an off road. Don't worry because there are some signal that show the direction, so you can't wrong both by car and on foot.

This is the photo where you have to go if you are on foot:

and these are some photos about the waterfall:


After the waterfall there are other some beautiful place that you can explore, so I invite you to see everything, and you won't be disappointed.

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