Kestrel, a small hawk - part 2


In this period I was following always from far, this breeding couple of common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus), but a couple of weeks ago I had seen some climbers in the Cliff, and despite I was a climber I was annoyed of the situation. Infact the nest of the kestrel is on a route often used for the warm up, so I thought that the climbers would definitely use it annoying the pair of kestrels and their youngs. So uncomfortable I went away and came back in the next few days to check out what had happened and, as I imagined, there was no trace of the kestrels, or at least I could not see them anymore. Day after day, before going to work, I went to check and the kestrels were not visible and this confirmed the abandonment of the nest by the parents. When this happens, the sticks are sown by other birds (there are bugs and hooves in this cliff), but I have seen large mice and foxes, although the latter certainly can not get to the nest.

Two days ago I came back to check, though I was not very confident, but you know how is the hope is the last to die, so armed with binoculars control the nest and after a few minutes I see the male getting in speed and entering the nest !!!! Luckily the nest was safe. Probably that street was not used by climbers, or the pair of hawks have "resisted" the presence of man managing to keep the nest. At that point I arranged for a hangover and this morning just before dawn I placed on top of the cliff to try to make some photos. Unfortunately, the entrance to the nest virtually does not see how the rock is shaped, so the only possibility is to use manual focus and go for a try. After focusing on a rocky spot and early kestrel I saw blurred photos, and after 4 or 5 adjustments I managed to find I think a good point to focus. It was a shame though that the wind moved the vegetation, in fact the only picture worthy of this name is still a little blurred, but this is the maximum I can at the moment. In the next appostamenti i will avoid having the near vegetation or giving to the lens.

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