Kestrel, a small hawk


Despite its size the kestrel is always a hawk even if small, or a skilful preacher of the skies among the most common in Italy and also in Sardinia. Specifically here we can find it even near the cities, a sign of the great adaptation that Nature works to survive, but it is in their natural environment that I like to observe and photograph them, infact every my photos are Wildlife.

For about two years I'm following a pair of kestrel nesting in a cliff near my town. I open a parenthesis: normally I will not give a precise indication of where the observed species are found, especially if it is nests, first because there is a regional law prohibiting it, and secondly, but above all, Safeguarding the animals themselves by unintelligent humans who would want to disturb them, as has happened unfortunately. However, this pair of hawks nest in a crag not very large and accessible enough, but the early days keep me close and study the movements with binoculars to see where the nest will be made. Last year they  chose another point of the crater virtually inaccessible, unlike two years ago that they had nested in a "historical" point (for historical I mean often used). This year, however, they have changed again, probably because they are disturbed by the presence of man, but most likely because of the large colony of taccole present in the cliff and which is continually disturbing them (and some might even say that the taccles are right, Small ones may be prey to kestrel). However if this nest is confirmed I think I have the chance to make some interesting pictures, especially the arrival.

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