Stone curlew

Today with some friends we have tried a steakout for the Stone curlews, birds many alusive. As always we do not lose heart and we go thinking that almost certainly will be the deer.

So it starts the adventure with a meet at 4.30 for to be at 5.20 inside blinds. We already know the place but it's the first time that we go it, so we look forward to the rising of the Sun but... It starts to rain!! The weather forecasts were quite good, with some clouds scattered, while at last the sky was completely covered and sometimes it rained. However inside the hide tent  the rain does not enter and we wait for the stone curlew. After about an hour some horses comes, but there is no trace of the stone curlew, then from far away there are deer and here hearts are warmed ... but  always  very far.

And we start to chill, subtle, about ethics in photography and cameras (what's new ...) because otherwise you fall asleep.
Then suddenly a boar goes and here I try to "follow him" but with low success, so that after four hours of wait we decide to go away, and what do we find? An owl on a ruin that looks at us without the slightest concern and it is photographed as if it were a model, in fact we make a few clicks but then we go away not to give it too much trouble.
Meanwhile, the stone curlew we only felt in the distance ....
And so ending this end, which, despite not allowing us to photograph the stone curlew, still did spend a few hours in Nature and gave us some unexpected shots.


Deer Boar Owl

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