For some time I was thinking to write this page, the my diary, and finally here it go.

The purpose is to share thoughts, goals, hopes, jobs and whatever concerns the photography of Nature, unsuspected passion born in 2013. If the interest for the Nature and Science in general I've always had as a child, one for photography instead had to wait. When I was a kid I had a photographer friend, that started taking pictures after a course and after buying a camera (a Yashica if I remember correctly) with great sacrifice. He did photos and developed  himself in black & white. For me it was all very magical and interesting but unattainable given the cost (maximum I could buy, after asking the money to my parents, a comic) for which all resulted with the usual phrase "when I grow up I'll buy. .. ". And so it happened. In fact, came the first compact camera, a Nikon camera roll that my sister gave me for my wedding, and with which I took several pictures, even though they were the usual souvenir photo of some event and anything related to nature. This continued even with the advent of digital and precisely with the purchase of a 12 megapixel Fuji as well that, to tell the truth, it still worked well and I own today. Meanwhile, between family commitments, work, and other passions, photography has never represented anything special other than to "stop a memory."

That all changed however in 2013 when causally I can buy a used SLR camera, a Sony A57 with his plasticky, but good  18-55mm with which it began this adventure and which exploded a passion for photography in general at the beginning and for nature soon after. Since the foundation at the beginning were just poor my wife gave me a nature photography workshop, made by a local photographer, and then a basic photography course, but served me more than anything else to understand better what I had already learned alone. It all starts from here.

The first year of photography was really exciting because everything was new and everything attracted me, but soon my interest in nature and the outdoors (at the time still practicing sport climbing) prevailed over all leading me toward nature photography and soon birdlife, with a predilection for the birds of prey that have always been fascinated. In while  I have made also a bit of experience with mammals (horses, wild boars, deer, mouflon)  and with landscape photography which however has always attracted me, also because of the long treks I was doing well until get to today where the primary interest is the birdlife and landscape, as you can see from this web site which then aims to raise awareness of the beauty that nature has given us, especially those of Sardinia, the island where I live, and preserve memory for the future that I look very rosy given the huge environmental damage that we humans are causing the planet. And on this I would like to do a little reflection ... It 's true that the great environmental damage are related to oil spills, the illegal dumps, nuclear power exploding or tuna fishing of whales, but even we in our small we are helping each day worse. Every day we produce garbage, we waste every day, every day we throw something in the environment, often without thinking but certainly many times consciously ... Just to travel the countryside and easily find the garbage bags left somewhere, or old TVs or car parts (or entire car, maybe stolen), bottles, cans, cigarettes, and every "good things" everywhere, even in "protected" areas such as parks and natural oasis. In short, a real mess, and disregard for the environment in which we live. Not to mention the mistreatment of animals, hunting, intensive farming, slaughterhouses ... But that's another story.
However, from here we start and see where I can reach.


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